My name is Frank Williams

I am a 1975 graduate of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.
I have been underway making way in USCGCs Eagle, Cowslip, Vigilant, Duane, Alert, Dallas, Evergreen, and Northwind.
I had flight indoctrination as a Cadet 2/c in the HH-52 Seaguard and the HU-16E Albatross (Goat).
I have many hours in the back of an HC-130 as an ice observer for the International Ice Patrol.

I am also a modeler.

I build aircraft, armor, and ships from 1939 through 1974 (WWII, Korea and Vietnam).
I also build any USCG subject I can find, Sailing Ships, Irish subjects, and US space missions.

I have put this list together for anyone interested in building models of Coast Guard subjects.
This list is dedicated to Coast Guard men and women serving their country by guarding whatever coast needs guarding.