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Great Lakes

290′ Mackinaw Class Great Lakes Icebreaker
Designed specifically to operate in the Great Lakes
Basically a Wind Class breaker lengthened, widened and deepend
Model: No

Designation Name Class Hull Service Comments Pictures
USCGC Mackinaw WAGB 83 1944 – 2006 CGH

Emergency Icebreaker
The Coast Guard acquired 5 ice breaking ferries specifically
to work keeping the Great Lakes ice free during the war
They did the same job as icebreaking tugs
They were classified as AGLs because their work aided navigation
Model: No

Designation Name Class Class Hull Service Comments Picture
USCGC Arrowhead
(ex Cadillac)
Icebreaker160 WAGL 176 1942 – 1945 Icebreaking Ferry
USCGC Almond
(ex LaSalle)
Icebreaker160 WAGL 177 1942 – 1945 Icebreaking Ferry
USCGC Chaparral
(ex Halcyon)
Icebreaker160 WAGL 178 1942 – 1946 Icebreaking Ferry
USCGC Franklin D. Roosevelt
(ex Huck Fin)
Icebreaker160 WAGL 1944 – 1944 Ice breaking barge – Great Lakes
USCGC Bellefonte Icebreaker WYP 373 1944 – 1944 Failed icebreaker