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Light and Medium

230′ Storis Light Icebreaker
Built as a supply cutter for the Greenland patrol
Basically a stretched 180′ buoy tender with an Duck on the fantail
Stationed in Boston after the war
1 July 1957 Set out with CGCs Spar and Bramble to find
a deep water channel through the Arctic Ocean
This transit ended the 450 year search for the Northwest Passage
Returned to Greenland via the passage and then transited to Alaska
via the Panama Canal becoming the first cutter to
circumnavigate the North American Continent
Performed ice breaking duty until 1972
Converted to Medium Endurance Cutter
Decommissioned in 2007
Known as the Galloping Coast of the Alaskan Coast
Queen of the Fleet 1991 to 2007
Model: No

Designation Name Class Hull Num Service Comments Pictures
USCGC Storis WAG/WAGB/WAGL/WMEC 38 1942 – 2007 CGH

420′ Healy Class Icebreaker
Model: No

Designation Name Class Hull Service Comments Pictures
USCGC Healy WAGB 20 2000 – Active Named for Mike “Hell Roarin” Healy
Famous longtime skipper of the famous Bear