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The Revenue Cutter Service

The Navy officially recognizes 13 October 1775 as its birthday But the Continental Navy was disbanded in 1783 The RCS was established on 14 August 1790 and was the only naval force available to the new United States The first major test of the new nation came with tensions with former ally France The Naval …

The Lighthouse Service

The government assumed responsibility for safety of navigation in Federal waters This included a system of buoys to mark navigable channels and dangers Early vessels used to maintain the system were chartered private vessels Most of these early records were lost Records pick up in the late 1800s Sunrise Class (Unknown Rig) Model: No Designation …

The Life Saving Service

The Massachusetts Humane Society established the first Life Saving Station in 1786 The Federal government did not accept responsibility for safety of life at sea until 1872 Surfboats Surfboats were used for near shore rescues They were kept at Life Saving Stations along the coasts They were on trailers and were hand hauled from the …

1915 to 1940

Lighthouse Tenders That Became Coast Guard Cutters

World War II

1946 to 1999

Post 2000

Navy Ships Named for Coastguardsmen

Clemson-Class Destroyer Model: No Designation Name Class Hull Service Comments Pictures USS Satterlee DD 190 1919 – 1940 Named for CAPT Charles Satterlee CO, USRC/CGC Tampa To UK in 1940 as Lend Lease Sunk in action on 31 January 1942 NS Fletcher-Class Destroyer Model: Yes Designation Name Class Hull Service Comments Pictures USS Newcomb DD …