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Famous Ships That Were Cutters

Designation Name/Hull Num Class/Rig Service Comments Pix Model
USRC Henrietta Schooner 1861 – 1862 James Gordon Bennet’s personal yacht
He commanded her while in USRCS service
Later belonged to New York Yacht Club
Won Great Ocean Transatlantic Race in 1866
USRC Naugatuck
(aka EA Stevens,
Steamship 1861 – 1870 Built in 1844 by H. R. Durham
Acquired by Edwin Stevens
Stevens intended to develop a semi-submersible ironclad
It would present a difficult target in the submerged state
Converted Naugatuck into a prototype “Stevens Battery”
Turned over to the RCS for trials
Used by the Navy in the Civil War to some success
But not enough to fund further development
Served the RCS until 1870
Ultimate fate unknown
aka Frank
Twin Screw Tug 1900 – 1937 Commissioned in 1891 as Galveston
Renamed Apache in 1900
Decommissioned in 1937 and transferred to the Army
Used as radio transmission ship
General Douglas MacArthur’s “I have returned” speech
was broadcasted from her deck
USCGC Electra
WPC 187
165B Thetis 1934 – 1936 1936 – Decommissioned
1936 – 1945 USS Potomac (AG-25) – President Roosevelt’s yacht
1945 – Recommissioned as CGC Electra
1946 – Maryland Tidewater Fisheries Commission
1960 – Privately owned
1980 – Seized as a drug runner
Currently owned by the Potomac Association in Oakland
USCGC Joseph Conrad
1939 – 1942 Built in 1882 as the Danish training vessel Georg Stage
Acquired by Coast Guard in 1939
Used in merchant marine training
Sailed in the 1941 Havava Yacht Race
Decommissioned in 1942
Donated to Mystic Seaport as a museum ship
USS/USCGC Nourmahal
WPG 72
1940 – 1946 William Vincent Astor’s personal yacht
Voluntaruily turned over to the Coast Guard in 1940
Transferred to the Navy in 1943 with Coast Guard crew
Transferred back to Coast Guard in 1944
Served as OWS vessel, Flagship of EASTSEAFRON
and as a harbor tow vessel at Coast Guard Yard
Returned to Astor in 1946
USCGC Delta Queen
1941 – 1943 Yes, THAT Delta Queen
Began life as a in 1926 as excursion boat on the Sacramento River
Used by CG for merchant marine training from 1941 to 1943
Used by the Navy in WWII
Moved to the Mississippi River in 1946
Listed on National Registry of Historic Places in 1970
Declared National Historic Landmark in 1989
Ceased operations in 2008
Currently a a hotel/restaurant in Chattanooga
USCGC Atlantic
WIX 271
185 Gaff Rigged
Racing Schooner
1941 – 1947 Launched in 1903 as a three masted gaff rigged racing schooner
1905 Won Kaiser’s Cup with an Atlantic crossing
of 12 days, 4 hrs, 1 min, 19 sec
Record stood for 75 years before being broken by a trimaran
Record stood for a mono-hull until 2002
WWI – Submarine mother ship
Served as an Academy training cutter in WWII
Scrapped in 1982
Full sized replica built in 2010
Link Yes
USCGC Danmark
WIX 283
295 Barque 1942 – 1945 Danish Navy cadet training ship commanded by Captain Knud Hansen
Sailing in US waters when Germany invaded Denmark
Hansen sailed into Jacksonville and sought asylum
When US entered the war, Hansen volunteered his ship and crew as a training ship
For the duration of the war Danmark was the UCSGA training cutter
Returned to Denmark after the war
Wiki Yes
(ex Hussar)
182 Yacht 1941 – 1942 Built in 1923 as E. F. Hutten’s yacht Hussar
Norwegian shipping magnate Unger Vetlesen renamed her Vema
Donated to the American war effort by Vetlesen’s wife
Originally used in coastal patrol then in merchant marine training
Became a Lamont-Doherty oceanographic research vessel
Vema Seamount and Vema Channel are named for her
1982 – operated by Windjammer Barefoot Cruises as Mandalay
Laid up in 2008 when Windjammer went out of business
USCGC Gertrude L. Thebaud
WYPc 386
Gloucester Fishing Schooner 1942 – 1945 Financed by Louis Thebaud and named for his wife
Built in Gloucester, MA in 1930
Last if the Glouster-built Grand Banks fishing schooners
Designed and built specifically to capture the International
Fisherman’s Trophy from the Nova Scotian fleet
1931: Lost two straight races to the Canadian schooner Bluenose
1933: Carried a delegation to Washington on behalf of the
fishing industry – FDR toured the ship at that time
1933: Part of the Chicago World’s Fair
1937: Part of the Donald McMillan Arctic Expedition to Frobisher Bay
1938: Lost 3 out of 5 races to Bluenose
Last year the competition was held – Blunose retired undefeated
Served the Coast Guard in WWII – EASTSEAFRON
20 May 1945: Left Gloucester for the Caribbean trade
February 1948: Driven onto a breakwater in Venezuela and broke up
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USCGC Sea Cloud
316 OWS Yacht 1942 – 1944 Built in 1931 as E. F. Hutton’s 4 masted luxury yacht Hussar II
Bought by Joseph Davis, US Ambassador to Russia
Acquired by the Navy in 1942 for OWS duty
CO, LT Carlton Skinner, received permission to train minorities
in rates other tha steward
Eventually 50 black enlisted and 2 officers served aboard Sea Cloud
Skinner reported no loss in proficiency in this first experiment
in integration at sea
Returned to owner after the war
USCGC Mayflower
(ex USS Butte)
WPG 183
1943 – 1946 Built in 1896 as a luxury yacht for Ogden Goelet and named for him
Acquired by the Navy in 1898 as USS Mayflower
Served in the Spanish America War
Served as Commodore Dewey’s Flagship in the Asiatic Fleet
Served as Presidential yacht from 1906 to 1929
Treaty ending the Russo-Japanese War was negotiated on board
Decommissioned by Hoover as an economic savings
Series of commercial owners through the Great Depression
Acquired by the Navy in 1942 as USS Butte
Recommissioned CGC Mayflower in 1943
Involved in smuggling Jews into Israel in 1948
Ultimate fate unknown
USCGC East Breeze
(ex SNS Externstein)
1944 – 1944 German supply ship in Greenland
Captured by CGC Eastwind on 15 October 1944
The only German surface ship captured in WWII
Taken into Service as USCGC East Breeze
Turned over to the Navy on 24 January 1945 as USS Callao