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Training Cutters

With the massive expansion that came with going to war
The Coast Guard acquired vessels to train the ranks.
 was a racing yacht and Kaiser Cup winner used for training
 was a Danish Navy square rigger that sought asylum
in the US and was used for Academy training
 was an SC-1 Class cutter that had served in the
1920s as USCGC Cook
, a 110′ schooner built in 1926,
had been the flagship of the California Yacht Club

65’ Schooner
USCGC Curlew
CG 65016
1940 – 1960
Donated to the Coast Guard on 31 Jan 1940
Used as an Academy training ship
1951: transferred to TRACEN Cape May
Used in boot camp training
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Model: No

185’ Three-Masted Schooner
USCGC Atlantic
WIX 271
1941 – 1947
Launched in 1903 as a 3 masted gaff rigged racing schooner
1905 Won Kaiser’s Cup with an Atlantic crossing of 12 days, 4 hrs, 1 min, 19 sec
Record stood for 75 years before being broken by a trimaran
Record stood for a mono-hull vessel until 2002
WWI – Submarine mother ship
Served as Academy training ship in WWII
Scrapped in 1982
Full size replica built in 2010
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Model: Yes

110’ Schooner
USCGC Volador
WIX 59
1942 – 1943
Designed by William Gardiner and built in 1926 in Wilmington, CA
Flagship of Commodore W. L. Valentine of the California Yacht Club
Acquired in 1942 as a district training vessel
Returned to owner in 1943
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Model: No

295’ Barque
USCGC Danmark
WIX 295
1942 – 1945
Danish Navy cadet training ship commanded by Captain Knud Hansen
Sailing in US waters when Germany invaded Denmark
Hansen sailed into Jacksonville and sought asylum
When US entered the war, Hansen volunteered his ship and crew as a training ship
For the duration of the war Danmark was the UCSGA training cutter
Returned to Denmark after the war
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Model: Yes

110’ SC1-Class Subchaser
USCGC Bonneville (former Cook)
WIX 375
1943 – 1945
Second time in CG service
Used as Academy training cutter
Picture: NS
Model: Yes

183’ HMS Kil-Class Mine Sweeper
USCGC Marita (ex HMS Kaspar ex HMS Kilmacrennan)
WYP 175
1943 – 1945
Picture: No
Model: No

286’ Misc Cutter
USCGC Cobb (former Governor Cobb)
WPG 181
1943 – 1946
First turbine powered cutter
Picture: Wiki and  Wiki
Model: No

Patrol Yacht
USCGC Nellwood
1943 – 1947
Picture: No
Model: No