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Governor’s Island Ferry

Governors Island Ferries
The Coast Guard took over Governors Island New York
from the Army in 1966
Third Coast Guard District Office was on GINY for years
GINY also hosted 3 378s, a small boat station, and other units
The only access to GINY were ferries operated by the Coast Guard
The ferries were decommissioned when GINY closed in 1997
Model: No

Designation Name Class Hull Num Service Comments Pictures
USCGC Lieutenant Samuel S. Coursen 1966 – 1997
USCGC Major General 1966 – 1970
USCGC Pvt. Nicholas Minue 1966 – 1997
USCGC The Tides 1966 – 1997
USCGC Governor 1982 – 1997