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Fixed Wing

AC Designation Name Year Number Comments Pictures Model Aeromarine Model 40F Flying Boat 1920 1 CGH Beech JRB-4/5 Beech 18 C-45, AT-7, AT-11,F-2, SNB) Expeditor 1943 7 CGH Yes Bell XV-15 1990 1 Evaluation of tiltrotor Not accepted into service Program cancelled Wiki Yes Boeing PB-1G B-17 Flying Fortress 1945 17 Acquired from the AAF …

Rotary Wing

A/C Designation Name Year Num Comments Pix Model Aerospatial HH-65 (Aerospatial Model SA366G1) Dolphin 1984 96 CGAA Yes Agusta MH-68 (Agusta A109E) Stingray 2001 Yes Bell HTL-1/4/5/7 (Bell Model 47) (AKA: H-13) Sioux 1947 3 CGAA Yes Bell HUL-1G (Bell Model 47) (AKA: HH-13Q) 1959 2 CGAA Kaman K-225 Mixmaster 1950 CGH MD Helicopters MH-90 …


A/C Designation Name Year Num Comments Pix Model Bell HV-911 Eagle Eye 1998 – 2003 Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle Evaluated Disasterous results Program Cancelled Wiki Yes Northup Grumman MQ-8B Firescout 2011 Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle Under evaluation Wiki Yes