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The Fleet

White Hulls

Black Hulls

After the war, the Coast Guard had decommissioned most of the aging oceangoing and inland LHS fleet. Most sea-going tenders of the immediate post-war era were the 180’ Tree and Shrub-class capable of lifting 20 tons. They were equipped for long voyages and had icebreaking bows. The three inch gun and 20-mms were removed. Coastal …

The Polar Fleet

Polar ice operations began for the Coast Guard in WWII. The main driver was Greenland Patrol duties. In 1942, the Coast Guard began building four powerful and heavily armed icebreakers to perform the Greenland resupply mission and to act as flagships for the Greenland Patrol, Task Force 24.8.5. These ships were Northwind, Eastwind, Southwind and …