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Firsts, Lasts, and Biggest

Designation Name/Hull Num Class/Rig Service Comments Pix Model
USRC Dolly Brig 1805 – 1807 Most heavily armed RC (14 6 pounders)
But too large for revenue work
USLHT Pharos Unknown 1854 – 1907 Last sailing tender in service
USRC Mahoning/
Levi Woodbury
Pawtuxet 1863 – 1915 Longest serving Revenue Cutter
Sold into merchant service and lost in 1932
(later (Comanche)
1896 – 1930 The RCS 1897 Annual report noted that Windom
was the first attempt to build a “modern” cutter
Windom was completed in 1896
Fully watertight hull, longitudinal and transverse bulkheads
and triple expansion steam plant capable of 15 kts
Fought in the Spanish-American War and WWI
Renamed Commanche in 1914
USRC/USCGC McCullouch Steam barkentine 1897 – 1917 Largest RC (219′)
Steam Barkentine
Assigned to Commodore Dewey’s Asiatic Fleet and fought at Manila Bay
The first Cutter to transit the Suez Canal and Indian Ocean
Lost in a collision on 13 June 1917
USRC/USCGC Pamlico 158′
WPR 50
1907 – 1946 Designed with a shallow draft for inland cruising
Stationed in New Bern, NC and became a fixture in the community
Transported many Congressional and press parties to New Bern
Naval Reserve training ship in WWI
Classified a WPR in 1939 and served through WWII
One of her crewmen from 1940 to 1943 was Steward’s Mate Alex Haley
When informed of her pending decommissioning, New Bern had their
Congressman intercede with the Commandant to save the ship
Finally decommissioned on 6 September 1946 after 40 years of service
A plaque commemorating her service was dedicated on 28 April 1990
Alex Haley helped in the dedication
USRC/USCGC Androscoggin 1908 – 1921 Largest wooden RC (210′)
Built specifically as an icebreaker
Show piece of the service for many years
Hosted several diplomats and conferences
Last wooden hulled Cutter in service
WAGL 207
1917 – 1950 Largest tender ever built for the LHS (1,970 tons)
First tender equipped with a radio
USLHT/USCGC Acacia 172′
WAGL 200
(ex USAMP Gen
John F. Story
Speedwell Class MP
Ilex Class Tender
1927 – 1942 Only buoy tender sunk by a u-boat CGH
USLHT/USCGC Juniper 177′
WAGL 224
1940 – 1975 Last vessel designed by USLHS
USCGC Muskeget
WAG 48
1942 – 1942 Only OWS vessel sunk by a u-boat CGH Yes
(ex Governor Cobb)
WPG 181
1943 – 1946 1906 – First turbine propelled commercial ship in US
Training ship in WWIEASRSEAFRON in WWII
Stationed in Boston after the war
1944 – Converted to a helicopter carrier
Instrumental in proving the concept of helo ops from ships
Recognized as the first helicopter carrier
USCGC Nantucket Lightship
1986 Last lightship station decommissioned CGH
1986 Last US ship to man an ocean weather station CGH Yes