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Caveat – What This Site is NOT

This website is NOT an exhaustive research database on any single CG unit

It allows you to identify a particular unit at a particular place in a particular time period
It is the spark to initiate a project
Wow, I can build that boat in that camo scheme
It is then up to you to dig deeper into the links provided to get the gory details

I have researched my models, to a degree
I build them for my own enjoyment and to share them with my friends
To me (and most of my friends) the term “serious modeling” is an oxymoron
Given two conflicting research documents, I flip a coin
I have linked pictures of models I have built solely for your viewing pleasure
I will be the first to admit that I am what is known as a 3-foot modeler
If you look at my models from closer than 3 feet away, you are far too close
Please do your own research
Do NOT assume my models are “The Way” the subjects are supposed to look
I guarantee in many cases you will interpret research documents differently

I did not take ANY of the pictures other than of my own models
I claim NO honor for their high definition
nor accept ANY blame for their low definition
(someone once complained about poor photography)
I am only providing the link